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There are no right or wrong answers, just be honest with yourself. We want you to find the best program FOR YOU even if that means it’s not us. At the end you’ll get an HONEST response to your results… that’s right! We’re keeping it real because we only want you to join if YOU think it’s the right fit! 😀

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More Details about Why We ask these Questions


#1 Do I… need/want accountability

This program is for people wanting an ACCOUNTABILITY BUDDY to help in their day to day consistency. We want to be that nudge or slight kick in the butt you need to stay in control over your excuses. We believe in POSITIVE encouragement and would NEVER shame you. You are NOT a failure if you make a mistake, you are HUMAN!


#2 Do I… struggle with getting injured

Injuries can slow us down on our health/fitness journeys when a program doesn't line up with where we are at. We keep moves safe and low impact to prevent injuries and keep us going.


#3 Do I…struggle with STARTING or STAYING FOCUSED

We know how hard it is to START something new when it is not our norm. We know how hard it is to STAY FOCUSED on our goals, especially when we can't find motivation to keep going. This is why we have our 1-on-1 Results Bot (accountability buddy) and a weekly HELP ME posts where you can reach out when you need a little extra help. You don't have to do this alone, and we are there going through it WITH YOU!


#4 Do I… avoid talking to strangers about my personal business

We offer PRIVATE accountability with our one-of-a-kind Results Bot! It responds exactly how a human coach would, but you can feel even more comfortable in responding honestly. Also, all of our LIVE videos or LIVE group calls are ONE WAY (us to you), so we never make you visible/audible to others. Now, if you did want to say something and join the conversation, you can do that through commenting on our videos.


#5 Do I… want an instructor that's on her own weight loss journey

There is absolutely no judgement from me! It is totally valid to feel however you do about what you want/expect out of your own personal fitness instructor. 🙂 This program does have an experienced fitness instructor and weight loss coach who is also going through her own weight loss journey. If you’re also looking for more than just a coach, these programs offer affordable accountability that might be worth your time to check out.


#6 Do I… feel UNCOMFORTABLE in a public workout setting (gym/group class)

We won’t SEE you working out on our end, so it would be 100% PRIVATE, but we encourage checking into our walks with a simple comment, so we “SEE” that you’re there! This program would be an easy add-on to a gym membership or group fitness class (if that's what you enjoy), where you could walk on a treadmill, or join us from home without any equipment.
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