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Who is it for?

Wake Up and Walk was created for women who are struggling or just starting out on their health/fitness journey. We believe your success in the little things starting out will lead you to even greater success and BIG RESULTS.

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Why choose wake up & Walk?

It’s the workout buddy/cheerleader you’ve always wanted! Hey, it may even be that kick in the butt you need sometimes, too! (Think of it more like your conscience giving you a little extra daily reminder).

Here at Wake Up and Walk, we know:

  • how difficult and painful it can be to start a new fitness journey.

  • how easy it is to fall off track and struggle to find the motivation to get back on.

  • what it feels like to struggle to do workout moves that instructors can make “look so easy.”

  • how easy it is to get injured in a new workout program when our bodies aren’t quite ready for it.

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Consistency + Simplicity = Results

Wake Up and Walk focuses on the simple and small actions, so we don’t overwhelm ourselves on this journey. We keep moves safe, to keep us moving and not put us on the sidelines. In addition, our accountability isn’t just you putting in the effort, it’s REAL, and we reach out TO YOU!

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